Change of Goals

Well, looks like I took another long break from posting again. Sorry about that y’all. As an update, I decided to change my goal from weight loss to prepping for a CrossFit Competition on October 30th. I’m pumped that I’m training for an event instead of trying to get the numbers on the scale to reach a certain number. This is one of my preferred methods of training. While working on more technique lifts, I have real feedback on what I need to improve on or what actions I struggle with the most.

One of the workouts I need to work on is my Olympic lifts like snatches and power cleans. One of the most challenging aspects of these lifts is the unique to learn mechanics. While you can just try and muscle the lifts, this is where you can also easily injure yourself and can get tired much easier. This will actually end up hurting your time for the competition. I have been practicing a lot of Squat cleans and power cleans lately and have been able to get my feet off the ground making these lifts feel like nothing!

My heaviest attempt at a squat clean. Not the greatest but happy with it. Felt sharing this was helpful!

The one thing I need to get my endurance up with is conditioning-type workouts. This is a large weak point when it comes to this competition since they have straight-forward workouts with tons of reps and no rest. This fatigues me very quickly, even with the atmosphere while in a competition.
On the plus side of this competition, it’s team-based. With this being said, I will still need to work on the movements or workouts I struggle with the most. I’ll at least have one teammate who can help where I lack. The other plus side is that the movements I am very good at will make the team dynamic work much better. I did one of these events last year and loved it!

So, while this might be harder for me to make straightforward benchmark goals, I’ll still be able to keep myself accountable by working out at least 5 days a week and working on form or hard-to-do movements. Hopefully, you are reading this and will get inspired and try something new. There are tons of these events and they can be a good benchmark on what you may need to work on if you want to try something outside of your comfort zone.

Let’s go move some mountains!

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  1. I like the idea of entertaining the idea of a competition ! That will motivate!!

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