Back from my Hiatus

Hey y’all, Sorry for being MIA for the last week! While still busy with work, that didn’t stop me from working out 5 days that week and keeping up with my progress. While I had a weekend that I ate very poorly I didn’t gain any weight! I weighed in today at 249. Down 2 lbs. since I started. While slow, progress is still progress! Now that I’m getting my Fitness goals down, I REALLY need to focus on that diet part. While I have been writing a lot about diet lately it’s probably the most important part of losing weight. In today’s post, I’ll break down the styles of workouts I usually do and can help with suggestions for you if you need some help getting started. The second half is going to be my new attempt at dieting or some alternatives I have been thinking of switching to if I’m not disciplined myself.

The type of workouts I tend to do now is HIIT (High-Intensity interval training) style or CrossFit. It’s a great way to stay in shape and the strength from doing these styles has been a surprise to me. While when I was younger, I just loved lifting heavy weights and avoided cardio like the plague. While there was nothing wrong with this, I need to get my heart rate up. The weights added with HIIT have been amazing at sculpting my body and getting muscle growth. Before that muscle growth scares you off, remember that muscle burns fat. The more muscle you build up the harder it is for fat to come back! (This is why I don’t gain weight anymore from cheat days haha) Sadly these cheat days will catch up with me with age but as of now, that’s not an issue for me!

An easy way to get a high heart rate is using an assault bike or a bike that had arms you need to push as well as peddle. An easy-to-follow exercise with them will be:

90-second moderate pace

30-second sprint

60 second easy

30-second sprint

90-second moderate

Repeat for 2-4 sets

This would be a great addition to your weight or strength training regiment to have a little flush of the lactic acid build-up from the strength training.

Now, this week I need to hammer my diet and get more calorie deficit without feeling like I’m starving, The biggest and hardest one for me will be going out to eat less. Once again, I keep repeating this because I love to eat out. I may even need to meal prep my self or I’ll go look for a local service to help with the meals. What is nice is they are already made in the correct portions to take the guesswork out of eating. Once I figure my new healthy eating the rest of the weight loss will be easier said than done. The challenging aspect will be maintaining this new eating habit and get it locked in.

Hope this gets some of y’all inspired to go climb some mountains this week!

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