Clean eating and changing behavior

            One of the hardest things to keep me accountable is my diet. While getting myself to work out used to be the struggle, eating “bad” food has been my Achilles heel. (Still is!) With that said I’ll talk about ways I eat out and make smarter choices. With starting my new weight loss goal, I have been enjoying this summer a little too much and have been eating pretty much anything you put in front of me. I’m going to break it down into a few steps I use and then talk about some of my fitness updates near the end.

  • First thing is only drink water. This is probably the best drink to have, and you don’t get those empty calories from drinking sodas or sweet tea. Don’t get me wrong I do enjoy drinking a beer or having some mixed drinks. If you feel like you need to have some alcohol stick to tequila or vodka and mix it with club soda or have it on the rocks. While still not ideal for losing weight will help in social settings with friends.
  • Living life on the go can make eating hard, so you can often find yourself out and about getting fast food. Something very easy but hard to do would either remove the bun from your sandwich or don’t order the fries and just get the sandwich. Remember were only eating until were 80% full. Good alternatives to being on the go would be beef jerky and mixed nuts you can snag from convenient stores.
  • Plan out you next day’s meal can easily help avoid those moments of not knowing what to eat. I made more pasta than I needed to on Sunday and was able to make 3 meals out of it. This is also a good way to save money and maximize less time spent thinking on what you want to eat and help keep you on track.

Some updates, I kept my promise and added an extra workout to 3 days this week. While exhausted from a busy week and working on this new goal has been great. I have noticed good amounts of bonus energy post work out, and better sleep every night this week. The better sleep has made this week a breeze. Plus, you burn the most fat when you sleep! When you combined weightlifting with good sleep it works wonders on shedding those lbs.

Hope my goals got some of y’all getting out of your comfort zone and work on something. Everyone go have a great weekend and crush it!

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  1. Water is good. Paying for good water is better. Mountain Glacier water is the best.

  2. Thanks for the reminders!! Good read!

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