A while back I made a post talking about wanting to lose 20lbs before or on October 1st. So, I weighed myself yesterday and I’m right at 251lbs. My goal will be 231lbs by October 1st. This will be a fun way for me to help keep myself accountable. I also hope this goal I set will get some of y’all to make your own goals. I will share a simple workout today with y’all to help kick start the drive for some people to get after it!

A simple circuit you can do that doesn’t involve any weights to use would be as follows:

15-25 Bodyweight squats then rest a minute

15-25 Push-up and then rest a minute

15-25 sit-ups/Crunches then rest a minute. Do this 3-5 times.

Nothing crazy here and just attempt to do whatever you’re capable of! If you want a more complex and harder workout leave a comment and the type and I’ll help you out. I can find a way to keep you accountable or find someone/program that’ll help you achieve success in fitness. If any of the above freaks you out, don’t be. Those movements will help muscle growth which will help burn fat. If you do that above circuit mixed with some type of cardio, you’ll be in good shape with boosting your confidence! Even if you don’t feel more confident, you’ll get a better boost of energy in general. Remember that you know your body’s limits and what movement you can physically do. As cliche as it is, be comfortable being uncomfortable. There is a reason people keep saying it.

Today I’m getting back to my normal morning workout routine, but to help with the extra fat burning/weight loss, I will be doing 2 a day workouts 3 times a week. Let’s kick start this week on the right foot and let’s go move some mountains!

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  1. Goals are good. Good luck.

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