Before I get into more details about workouts or types of movements to help keep you moving, mindset is key to success. The success of any lifestyle change is dependent on your mental fortitude. No matter how your body feels, if you mentally shut yourself down, you’ll never get your workout in or quality meals. Don’t worry I also have these issue from time to time, so I have my own personal pointers to help with it!

Some mental tips I use are as follows:

  • Make your self feel accomplished for the day. Do at least one thing every day that makes you feel like you’re better than who you are yesterday. I call it “climbing your mountain”. This needs to be YOUR own personal mountain, like walking for an hour, running 7 miles, or running up a literal mountain. This is all dependent on your own journey and where you are at on it.
  • If you struggle with working out on your own, or holding you self-accountable, get a friend or a group of people who are also wanting to live a healthy lifestyle to help keep you accountable. You may feel like your body is super sore, tired or just want to lay down on the couch, this external support net will help get you up and chase those goals!
  • Sometimes when you just aren’t feeling great just getting up and go for a walk. Don’t even have a destination planned. Turn on a podcast or your favorite songs and just walk. This will help clear you head and may even give you a boost in your energy.
Dont quit! If I was able to surive the Murph than anyone can!

Hope this has been helpful in getting y’all ready to crush this weekend and make or even start you progress. This week I been trying some new foods. Sadly, my diet was lacking but I was getting back in the gym and crushing it! Sometimes we need to crawl before we walk. Remember when getting into your fitness journey. Don’t take anything too fast or you’ll shock your body. While a shorter post than my others felt like getting some positive motivation out there before the weekend. Stay safe and have fun everyone!  

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  1. Murphy laid you out.

  2. Always have to keep movers no!! Great advice

  3. Love these tips! Gotta stay positive. Good post.

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