Basic Diet Tips and my New Goals

On a great weekend away from town, I was able to do one of my favorite activities, hiking. It was a great way to clear my head and get some ideas flowing This week I’m going to get back into a harder diet. The word diet is a very scary word, but I do not view the way I eat as a diet. Before I break it down, I’ll explain some of the key importance of your diet.

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Your diet is responsible for multiple facets from staying awake to excerside. If you don’t eat, how will you fuel your body? We live in a very grab-and-go society, which makes it extremely easy to not plan out your meals. This is the most important part of eating, having a plan on what you want to eat. While I’m no dietary expert, I have learned to recognize foods are better for you because of experience and planning out meals.

. My diet took a little refining to get to something that worked for me. The good news is I’m not doing one of those diets where I feel like I’m starving all the time. While you can see results fast with those cool fad diets, once you get off of them, you get right back where you started, which is incredibly disheartening. 

Tips for healthy eating:

  • Try and keep your meals simple and using fewer ingredients For example: when having a baked potato, forget adding butter, sour cream, and cheese or just pick one of those. When eating a salad, instead of pouring the entire dressing on top, ask for it on the side and dip your fork into the dressing. The easiest thing to remember is less is more.
  • In my first post, I talked about slow eating, and not eating until you are stuffed – but almost full. This combined with the first step will make portion control easy, as you’ll naturally stop eating when you reach that point. However, it is important to remember it is easy to fall out of this habit with cheat meals.
  • Adding fruits and vegetables to your diet is very important. This will be one of the hardest, but once you try different fruits and vegetables prepared in different ways, you’ll find ones you love. Plus, if you have a sweet tooth, it can be used to help curb that.
  • Last is my favorite, a quote from a good friend of mine, “Don’t eat like an a**hole.”

Now for some updates on my next personal goals. I’m going to be jumping into a new “diet” cycle after  enjoying my summer and eating lots of food I shouldn’t have been. I’m going to add a lot more grilled chicken, and experiment with more fish, beans, and keto-style bread. I have a goal of losing 20lbs before October. I don’t like using weight as progress becasue feeling strong or your clothes fitting better are indications of progress. I just feel using something I can measure will make this easier to keep myself accountable to you all!

If you all like to know more about food in detail, let me know and I can get more detailed about them.

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