What Got Me Started?

Usually, some event will get people to get into some type of habit to make a change. Mine for my healthy lifestyle wasn’t what you would normally expect. I was getting a lot of pressure from my family and even some doctors that I need to change my food intake and lose some weight because of complications and such. That never bugged me, It would bother me but I would just ignore it. I went to an amusement park and attempted to go on some rides I used to ride when I was young with my brother. Being forced to not ride on the ride because of my weight gain or having to use the seat belt extensions is what did it for me. It was very embarrassing to be told I could not ride or if I want to ride, I will need to put on the seat belt extension. That is what drove me to get started.

            Getting started is only the beginning though, what you need to do once you get that initial drive is to keep at it. Do not let your bad habits come back or if they do stop them before you lose all the progress you have achieved. Since It’s been well over 3 years since that incident, I have changed my driving force at times to keep me going which could be doing events or trying to meet milestones.

            With the previous statement being said, the most important asset you have in your weight loss journey is that initial I HAVE TO CHANGE. Never lose sight of that first call to action. That will be the motivation to help keep this journey going strong. Also never feel guilty if you eat a Big Mac or a couple slices of pizza. You can still live your life but don’t keep making excuses!

Tips to help keep your goals in focus and reminders of why you wanted to take this journey.

  • Cheesy but there is a reason why people always tell you to write your goals down. It works and turning your thoughts into an idea on paper is powerful! (Part of the reason I made this webpage)
  • Having a support network that also wants to see you succeed! This seems easy but everyone has those negative people that will always try and rip and bring you down for trying to succeed. Avoid these people if possible or just agree with what they say to avoid the argument but REMEMBER this IS YOUR JOURNEY, not theirs!
  • Be ready to say yes to things you would normally say no to! You may never know what will come out of it. I have taken this approach for fitness-type situations and the outcomes have honestly surprised me in tons of ways. I now have so many more groups of people I can network with or who want to see me succeed at my goals. It has truly been the hardest but most rewarding aspect of my journey.
  • Something also important is to never compare your goals to others. This can cause you to feel discouraged. Your goals are for you. Never forget that! You aren’t being selfish, you are bettering yourself! 
  • Lastly, have fun with it! While working out seems boring or bad before you start, you never after a good lift or long run say “I wish I didn’t do that” you feel accomplished. Like you moved your own personal mountain!

I hope this blog post will help get you motivated and get out there and maybe do that 1-mile run, walk for an hour, or heck PR your old deadlift max!

Share the reason why you want to get in the shape below in the comments and we could make an accountability group as this site grows!

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  1. Great motivator!

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