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I am JP, I just recently graduated Grad School. Now I’m on that difficult phase of balancing work and life. I originally struggled a lot with this in my past when I was in undergrad. With going through thus struggle I thought I can share a lot of similarities of individuals who want to start but don’t know where to begin. I will tell my story on how I began my weight loss journey and it wasn’t because some one told me too or a doctor telling me I had to loss weight.

The reason why I wanted to create this website is to help those struggling to start. the list below are some of the main challenges that get in the way of a healthy life style for me:

  • Food tastes too damn good
  • Time management (wanting to work out but never using that free time)
  • Wanting to quit because I hit a mental wall

With the above list were some of my top reasons or excuses to ruin my progress but when you remind your self that any hour of movement even if that is just walking is better than sitting on the couch playing video games or binge watching a TV series.

While the pandemic was challenging for many people and lots of people ended up falling behind on their health or other aspects I continued my weight loss goals I started when I finished Undergrad. I was nearly 300 Lbs. when I began, now I’ve lost 60 Lbs and never worry about looking at the scale ever again. While I cant help you get abs I can help share my story on my journey and help you feel good about your progress.

To help you get started, here are a few steps I took:

  • Just walking for an hour. While seeming simple can make MASSIVE difference.(body in motion stays in motion)
  • If you already are somewhat active try and go to the gym or get uncomfortable and try that new High Intensity training you saw.
  • Eat slow, I get it, some times that pasta is too good but try and take a 5 or 10 second break in-between bites and it’ll make the next step EASY!
  • Eat until you’re 80% full. While it seems weird and hard to judge, once you start trying to get an idea of when your full it’s a game changer.

My Goal is to at least help someone with these basic tips! I’ll break down more details and how I got into fitness. Its intimidating but once you get the ball rolling it becomes an enjoyable ride!

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