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Change of Goals

Well, looks like I took another long break from posting again. Sorry about that y’all. As an update, I decided to change my goal from weight loss to prepping for a CrossFit Competition on October 30th. I’m pumped that I’m training for an event instead of trying to get the numbers on the scale to…

Back from my Hiatus

Hey y’all, Sorry for being MIA for the last week! While still busy with work, that didn’t stop me from working out 5 days that week and keeping up with my progress. While I had a weekend that I ate very poorly I didn’t gain any weight! I weighed in today at 249. Down 2…

Clean eating and changing behavior

            One of the hardest things to keep me accountable is my diet. While getting myself to work out used to be the struggle, eating “bad” food has been my Achilles heel. (Still is!) With that said I’ll talk about ways I eat out and make smarter choices. With starting my new weight loss goal,…

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